5+ Online resources to learn Operating System online

In our previous post we talked about 10 online resources to learn Algorithm and Data structure online . Today I am going to discuss some resources to learn Operating System online. These online resources can help you in your GATE exam preparation. 

1. University of California, Berkeley Online Operating System Course 

This is a free online course from University of California, you can make use of this video course to learn operating system online. The lectures in the videos are delivered by Professor Anthony Joseph and Professor Ion Stoica.

2.  University of Illinois Operating System Concepts and Design Course

This course is taught by prof. Dr. Jakob Eriksson of University of Illinois at Chicago.It starts with introduction to C programming and covers Process management and concurrency, Memory Management and security.In total the course has 44 video lectures with lecture notes and homeworks.

3. Graduate Operating systems course by Prof. Surendar Chandra

Video Lectures of this course can be accessed on YouTube. You can also  access Surendar Chanra lecture notes and homework assignments.

4. University of Wisconsin Course

This is a text based course from University of Wisconsin , department of Computer Science.

5. IISc Bangalore Operating System Course

This is another text based course to learn operating system online from Indian Institute of Science Bangalore

6. NPTEL Computer Organization and architecture

This is actually a Computer architecture and design course but it also covers lots of operating system concepts like memory management, virtual memory and segmentation in detail.

I hope all these online resources will help GATE  Computer Science aspirants especially the ones who are working and doing self study. If you know any other online website to learn operating system concepts let us know in comments.


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