5 Useful Course For GATE CS Aspirants From Stanford University

Stanford University is a world famous university and needs no introduction. It runs lots for free courses for various streams of engineering. Some new courses have been added this season. Here some courses which are very useful for GATE Computer Science aspirants. This course consists of video lectures and lecture notes. 

1. Algorithm Design and Analysis Part 1 

Course material of this course includes Introduction to Algorithms, Asymptotic analysis, divide and conquer algorithms, master method,  quick sort analysis, graph search and connectivity,  dijkstra’s shortest-path algorithm, heaps, balanced binary search trees and hashing.

2. Algorithm Design and Analysis Part 2

The second part covers Greedy Algorithms, prim’s minimum spanning tree algorithm,  kruskal’s minimum spanning tree algorithm ,  huffman codes, dynamic programming,  knapsack problem,  optimal binary search trees,  the bellman-ford algorithm,  np-complete problems

3. Automata 

You can find video lectures on deterministic finite automate, non deterministic finite automata, regular expression, context free grammar and push down automate, turing machines and NP complete problems.

4. Compilers 

This covers structure of compilers, lexical analysis, finite automata, parsing, top down parsing, bottom up parsing, semantic analysis, run time organization, code generation, operational semantics, local optimization, global optimization, register allocation and garbage collection

5. Introduction to Database 

This course covers database design and the use of database management systems for applications. It covers relational model, relational algebra, and SQL

Try these courses, they are going to be useful for you in your GATE preparation

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