How to Apply for Internship At Google

Internship at Google is the desire of almost every computer science student. Many engineering students wants to get internship opportunity at Google, but don’t know the procedure to apply.

There are two ways to apply for internship at Google. Either you can get refereed by a Googler or you can apply yourself. You can apply yourself by uploading your resume at Google Jobs Submission page. Your resume should be impressive and you should have very good grades and performance in projects. If they gets impressed with your resume you will be contacted by their recruiters and they will schedule a non technical interview first. One clearing that non technical interview you will have to go through two rounds of technical interview. Technical interview is telephonic most of the time.

Things that are asked in Google Technical Interview 

The technical interview internship at Google can last up to 60 minutes with a break of 5-10 minutes in between. In the interview mainly algorithm and coding related questions are asked. Unlike most other technical interviews , you wont be asked to write code in any particular programming language, you can write pseudo code. They ask real life challenging problems to test your skills. The questions in technical interviews would be nothing extra-ordinarily tough. Keep calm and think. Most questions asked will be related to  fundamental programming or algorithms.  Some of the questions are are asked frequently are

Average calculation, calculating running average after every integer,Given a string matrix containing the information of running flights (columns like source, destination, arrival time, departure time …) , Extract the info of all flights from source X to destination Y. Extract a summary info of how many flights leave from each source and how many flights arrive at each destination. Coding related to grey codes,

Complexities, which is the best sorting algorithm and why, can ask to make variants of some algorithms, reversing bits in the string, how can any particular algorithm be made faster.

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Project Phase 

The third and final phase of the process in the project phase, where you are asked questions to test your skills and interest for a particular project. In this phase the interviewer explains his/her project and will ask about your past projects and experience, course work, interests and may be a couple of questions related to his/her project. If the interviewer doesn’t finds you suitable for the project, you will be rejected and may be asked to go for another interview for a different project.

The total intern recruitment process is quite slow and can last for 4-5 months. You should have patience therefore.

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